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Zephyr 2/18 - 50 gram skein

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This unique combination of natural fibers provides a yarn that is lightweight and lustrous. Equal percentages of fine Merino Wool and Chinese Tussah silk are joined to create a truly elegant yarn.

Because wool and silk accept dyes differently, the fabric made from this yarn may have a slightly “tweedy” look in some shades.

These are worsted spun yarns and are smoother and shinier than woolen spun yarns. As a result, they won't full as much when washed/finished. Because of this, you will want to plan on a closer sett or tighter gauge (finish your sample swatch to determine if you like the finished piece before you begin).

Due to the difficulties inherent in dyeing wool-silk, some shades may be less resistant to fading in light and water than 100% wool.  For this reason, they recommend that wool-silk garments not be exposed to natural or artificial light for prolonged periods.  Items should be hand washed in cool water & laid flat to dry.  (Jaggerspun cannot be held responsible for damages incurred as a result of any other cleaning or finishing methods.)

Yardage:  5040 yards/lb / approx 560 yards per 50-gram skein/cone
Gauge: 26-32 stitches over 4" (lace-weight)
Warps/inch (epi):  30
Weaving Sett: Plain Weave - 18 to 20; Twill - 22 to 28

*Note: many of these have been wound off of larger cones at Yarnorama. As a result, they will have a bit more yardage than indicated.

Jaggerspun Zephyr photos tend to appear a bit darker on some monitors than in real life.