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Note for John Mullarkey classes:

Please check out the lunch options and order by end of day on Wednesday.

We’ve done our best to satisfy most tastes. We’ll have sparkling water and ice tea available, as well as hot tea and coffee.

Also, some last-minute logistics…
- please make sure you review the materials lists on the classes page for your workshop(s) and have your pre-work done, if applicable
- if you need to divide up your threads into separate balls, please make sure you do that ahead as we will not be able to wind that for you
- we have lots of 1-1/2 ounce cones of 10/2 cotton in stock that will work. If you plan on purchasing that for your class, make sure you arrive early to do that 

We will open the door at 8:30am to give you all time to get your supplies and get situated. Classes will start promptly at 9am.

Parking - there are lots of places to park in front and along the side of the building, and across the street to the north. Rain is forecast (fingers crossed) so plan accordingly.