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Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder

By Nancy's Knit Knacks

$ 330.00
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Nancy's Knit Knacks manufactures the world's leading commercial quality ball winder. Although NKK was not the first company to design a ball winder, it was the first to design a heavy duty unit made from wood that could be used both manually and electrically. Shipments of the manual crank model started in the Fall of 2006. The motorized unit started shipping 2 years later in 2008. Customers who had purchased the manual unit could then upgrade their system by simply adding the "Power Base" to their setup. An industry first.

As of the end of 2016, approximately 10,000 ball winders have been shipped. Of these, upwards of 2,000 are motorized units.  Although the first ball winder looks very similar to the most recently shipped unit, there have been many subtle refinements made to the unit over the years. It is because of these refinements that the unit continues to attract professional and commercial customers year after year.

There is lots of info about them here: http://www.ballwinders.nancysknitknacks.com/

We order these and have them drop shipped directly to you. Each is made by hand and made to order.

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