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Why I Love A New Year... Oh, let me count the ways

New Year's Day, 2015 - a brand spankin' new year!

I love beginnings. I love middles. I even love endings,  just I'm not all that good at getting to the end easily and without definite focus..


  • Friend sends me an email or message about a really cool new knitted shawl project using a wonderful new hand-dyed fingering yarn. I message back how much I love it and will be putting it in my queue
  • I have another shawl project in my bag that is about 3/4 done and is going to be super pretty. But, pick one of 1) I'm bored with it, 2) it requires too much concentration, 3) will I ever really wear this?, 4) I made an error and have to spend some dedicated time with it to frog back and get it back to a workable place.
  • I become obsessed with the new shawl... do I start it? no, I can't! I could just pick out the yarn so I have it ready... no, you know how you are... you'll start it. No I won't!, But you will... I'm just picking out yarn.
  • I pick out the yarn and realize I don't have the needles available because they are on another project. What the heck, I'm getting the yarn so I may as well get another needle, and let's just wind the yarn so it's ready when I'm finished with first shawl project. And print out the pattern so I don't have to look it up later. I'm so organized... I'm pleased as punch with myself!
  • I find myself sitting in the dr.'s office waiting and realize I have that new yarn, needles and pattern calling me in my project bag. Without a moment's hesitation, I start it... and fall in love with it.
  • I spend all my knitting time working on this new glorious shawl pattern

ok... now repeat...

And that is why I have so many UFO's and why I love new years when I can resolve, at least for a month or two, to finish up what I have started... to actually end/finish some things!

So, 2015, I resolve to finish at least 5 of the WIP's that have been languishing for no good reason whatsoever, because I love all of them.

I'm counting on you to keep me honest on this! :)


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