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Tip of the Day - Keeping Dangling Threads from Untwisting Trick

Today's tip is for the weavers among us. We've all had the experience of having a broken thread or two and having to pin in replacement threads, or realizing we need floating selvedges after we've already beamed so add them in and leave them to dangle off the back of the loom. 

I usually put mine in little pill bottles with some coins so they are weighted to match my warp tension. It's easy and quick, and solves the problem. The only issue is that those little pill bottles or weighted anythings can twirl around, untwisting your thread. And what happens when threads untwist? Well, they break, because there is not enough twist to hold them together! So now, we have replacement to a broken thread that has, itself, now broken.

Here's the trick:  Put an extra string, shoelace, strip of paper, etc., into the pill bottle along with your replacement thread. Let it hang long enough so it always touches the floor. Voila! That will keep the bottle from twisting around and untwisting your thread. No more broken replacement threads!

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Alicia Shamblin

Alicia Shamblin

August 31, 2015

Thank you

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