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Free shipping on orders $150+

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Louet Vertical Warping Mill

The Louet Vertical Warping Mill is the perfect tool for long warps and ease of winding.The full circumference of the mill is 87" (2.4 yds) and the height from top to bottom is 39". You can wind a warp about 18-20 or more yards long.

The horizontal cross members that hold the cross can be positioned on any quarter of the mill. The pegs that hold the cross are attached to the cross members with wing nuts which ensure that your pegs will never wiggle loose.

To remove the warp from the mill, all you have to do is undo the wing nut on your last peg and the warp can easily be released. The Louet Vertical Mill folds flat for easy storage. With its strong, stable base and smooth action you will love making all your warps free from the shoulder strain that often happens when warping on a board.

These are often shipped directly from the Louet North American Distribution Center and we pay the shipping.