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Louet David III Loom

David III the newest model of David looms. It is a compact eight harness loom that looks modest, but in functional quality, it surpasses many large floor looms. It is available in 70 cm (27 5/8") and 90 cm (35 3/8") and aNEW 110cm (43 1/2”) weaving width. It is known for having a nice large shed.


  • solid beech construction with lacquer finish
  • floor hinged beater
  • castle section comes pre-assembled
  • friction brake
  • cloth advance Lever
  • wooden cloth and warp beams
  • 800 texsolv heddles (280 mm)
  • a stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric) (equal to Imperial 10-dent)
  • tie-up and lease sticks
  • sixteen warp sticks
  • a built-in raddle


    Accessories Available for purchase separately:

    >Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8")
    >Second warp beam with back beam
    >Sectional warp beam
    >Flying Dutchman shuttle