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8/2 American Maid Naturally Colored Unmercerized Cotton

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8/2 Naturally Colored Unmercerized Cotton, 3360 yards per pound.

These yarns are completely American Made: grown, spun, plied and shipped entirely in the US.  All of these American Maid™ yarns are made from naturally colored cotton grown in the American south and southwest, and spun in the US.  The cotton never leaves the US during it’s whole journey from the fields to the warehouse. The cotton lint is purchased from farmers who use modern sustainable farming practices, and work with mills in the southeastern US to make the yarn. The brown and green cotton is grown in New Mexico and Texas. The white cotton is Organically Grown from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative.  The yarn makes multiple stops along the way from the field to your door, and It is an amazing journey! 

It comes in 6 colors:  Dark and Light Brown, Dark and Light Green, Natural and Bleached White.  The Dark shades are 100% naturally colored cotton, and the light shades are 33% naturally colored cotton and 67% white. And the unbleached white is a lovely soft cream color. 

The Brown and Green yarns become darker when washed, especially in alkaline water.  Add baking soda to a sinkful of warm wash water and watch the color deepen. The first time you wash these yarns, the wash water will be pretty dirty.  This is the first time that these yarns have ever been in water before, and you will be washing off the dust of the fields when you give them their first bath.  The colors will continue to change over the lifetime of your woven items.  The more often you wash and dry something, the more the color will change.  The green yarns are more dynamic than the brown yarns.