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Zig Zag Stripes Scarf - Digital Download

I lovethe twill threading called M’s andW’s. There are just so many interesting weaving variations possible, and the re- sults can be subtle or dramatic, look simple or complex, depending on the yarns used. This scarf is woven using a special yarn hand-dyed in palindrome fashion, which can create some pooling effects. Using hand-dyed warps will also produce similar results.

Level of Difficulty -Intermediate Beginner

Structure -M’s andW;sVariation

What’s Needed?

  • 4-Shaft loom with an 10”+ weaving width.
  • 10-dent reed
  • 1 shuttle

Finished Size- 8-3/4” x 80” + fringe


Warp -FiberObsessions SilkNoil Lace, 630 yards/95 grams, 1 skein.

Weft -Brassard8/2 Tencel,1680 yards/8-oz cone  approximately 400 yards needed.