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Weaving on 3 Shafts

Renewed and extended, full color edition in full color, bilingual in Dutch and English.

Note that this is the hardbound edition.

Erica has published many articles on 3 shaft weaves in US publications. This book is the exciting culmination of Erica's forty year research on weaving with three shafts. Loom controlled weaves as well as pick-up techniques. Twill, huck, M’s and O’s, honeycomb, thick and thin, padded weave, Krokbragd, supplementary warps, block weaves, color-and-weave, and much more . The book contains traditional weavings and structures for weavers of all levels, but also extremely complex techniques for the more experienced. The book is full color, hardbound, 138 pages, 30 chapters!

by Erica de Ruiter

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