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Weaver’s Boot Camp - October 13th - 15th, Tuesday through Thursday

By Yarnorama

$ 225.00

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This is a complete immersion for beginning 4-(or more)shaft weavers, those starting again after a hiatus or for more experienced weavers looking to improve their skills weaving on a floor loom.

We will discuss looms and their attributes. Next, you will learn what is needed to successfully plan your project, will wind a warp for your chosen project, efficiently warp a floor loom using the back-to-front method, thread and perfectly tension your warp for successful weaving.

You will then weave your piece, learning all the in's and out's of getting nice selvedges and an even beat. Finally, you will learn how to properly finish your piece. Along the way, we'll talk about number systems, we'll discuss materials and useful weaving resources.

Teacher: Susan Fricks

Cost:  $225 + Materials
Skill Level:  Beginner, or some experience but wanting to learn new methods and techniques
Looms Used:  4- or 8-Harness Floor Looms, which are provided in our studio
Schedule:  9am - 5pm each day. You may work longer on Wednesday evening, if you desire
What to Bring:  Pen and notepad for taking notes, scissors, calculator, box lunch
Please note that this is not a rigid heddle class


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