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Silk Wrapped in Time

By FiberObsessions

$ 250.00
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This luxurious mobius wrap was designed, hand spun and handwoven by FiberObsessions, Susan Fricks. It is a one-of-a-kind art wearable that is very light weight, has a lovely drape and is, well, very silky.

The yarn was spun from hand-dyed silk and the fabric woven back in 1998-1999, during a time when Susan designed computer systems and upgraded them for Y2K. It was a lovely stress relief at the time. Fast forward to today, and the Covid19 shutdown brought it out of storage and she designed this beautiful wrap! 

It has been sewn securely into it's twisted shape and can be worn over a blouse or top, a little black dress or whatever makes the wearer happy.

To care for the wrap, occasionally hand wash in a gentle cleanser like Soak or Eucalan, spin out excess water or pat out with dry towels, then lay flat to dry. When just barely damp, press lightly.

Made from 100% hand-dyed cultivated silk

The wrap is 20-1/2” wide with a 62” circumference. The colors are shades of teal, greys, browns and cream.

Please keep in mind that your monitor's settings might make the colors look slightly different than in real life.

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