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Sheer Delight: Handwoven Transparencies

If you could see Doramay Keasbey's lovely and colorful transparencies, you'd probably want to weave one yourself. When she was asked to write this book, she asked a large number of very talented weavers in this country and elsewhere for examples of their work. Her efforts were richly rewarded. Dozens of weavers generously supplied her with photographs of their creations. The result is a delight to behold and a source of inspiration for your own transparencies. Besides giving you a gallery of phenomenal work being done in this area today, Doramay's book also explains how to do the techniques involved. A transparency, as you probably know, is woven on a fine warp, with the pattern areas inlaid with a heavier yarn. When mounted in front of a window, the warp seems to disappear while the pattern appears suspended in air.

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