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Making Waves Scarf - Digital Download

This scarf shows off the wonderful movement and drape of tencel or other silky yarns, and showcases hand-dyed warps. The pattern is equally pretty when using tonal or monochrome yarns with a bit of contrast between warp and weft.

Level of Difficulty - Intermediate

What’s Needed?
• 8-Shaft Loom with a 10”+ weaving width.
• 10-dent reed
• 1 shuttle
• Fringe twister (optional)

Finished Size - 8-1/2” x 82”, plus fringe. 

Warp -

FiberObsessions Handpainted Warp - 6/2 Tencel approximately 600 yards. The purple/magenta version was made from a pre-wound warp that was then painted. Winding the warp from hand-dyed yarns will also work beautifully.

Weft - 8/2 Tencel,  M.Brassard, 8oz, 1680 yds cones in a solid coordinating color, approximately 530 yards used.