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Huck Lace - Best of Weavers Magazine

Huck Lace was the first in a series of Best of Weaver's books and the definitive work on huck lace. With 102 pages, 35 designers, 43 projects, and 15 comprehensive articles from 11 years of Weaver's Magazine, you'll find: block design with huck lace, network drafting with huck lace, pick-up with huck lace, combining huck with others structures, special fiber and finishing tips. 

Here, the weaver who enjoys creating original designs will find the easiest and most comprehensive method for designing huck in print today. Projects include complete instructions for weaving huck-lace fabrics for towels, table linens, shawls, scarves, throws, clothing, and more. Edited by Madelyn Van Der Hoogt.

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