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Handwoven September/October 2012

This issue features the winning projects from the 2012 Handwoven garment challenge "Look Ma, No Sleeves." Whether you want to make art-to-wear for a night on the town or something comfortable to wear around the house, this issue features a wide array of wearables for all occasions. There's also a project for every skill level and loom from loom-shaped tops woven on a rigid-heddle to well-tailored items woven on 4- and 8-shaft looms and everything in between. Projects include a sleeveless coat for a child with inlaid swivel woven by Marcia Kooistra, a tailored men's vest in diversified plain weave and crackle by Jessica Madsen, and a loom-shaped three-dimensional deflected doubleweave Möbius wrap from Karen Donde. For those who would rather not sew, there's also a metallic kumihimo bracelet from Giovanna Imperia that would make a perfect accent to any outfit, handwoven or not. Also in this issue is an article by Laura Fry on washing handwoven fabric without fear, a section on creating clothing on a pin loom, and an article on a young American woman who's making a big difference in the lives of Indian weavers. If you're looking to find a good beginning project to weave and sew, or if you're already a pro on both the loom and sewing machine, the September/October 2012 Handwoven has something for you!

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