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Hand Painted Warps - 6/2 Tencel - FiberObsessions

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These warps are hand dyed by Susan Fricks, aka FiberObsessions. They are made with 6/2 tencel.

Each warp is 204 ends and 3 yards long
Recommended sett: 20-24 epi

There is a single cross secured by 4 threads on one end, and a loop secured with a thread on the other end. These were wound holding two threads at a time, so make sure you keep those threads together if you use a raddle. Proceed as you normally do otherwise.

Note that there are no choke ties in this warp, but it is chained snuggly to secure the threads. Should you want choke ties, carefully pull the warp a bit at a time from the chain and add them in prior to getting it ready for the warping process.

Because each warp is one of a kind, you will want to save 2-4 threads from the chain so they are available for making any needed repairs. That way, you will be able to use matching threads so the colors and threads match exactly. A simple way to do that, If warping back to front, is to secure the warp and lease sticks, and place threads into raddle. Then remove the extras and tie the cut end to the tie-on rod.

These have been well rinsed to remove excess dye. However, it is still possible for some bleeding to occur in the first wash. We recommend you add a color catcher and a couple drops of blue Dawn to the wash.

Hand wash your finished piece in lukewarm water, spin or pat out excess water and lay flat until nearly dry. You can put it in the dryer on low until just barely damp. This will help to soften up the fabric greatly. When still barely damp, press on the Rayon setting to bring out the full sheen and drape of the fabric.