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Fiberside Chat with Sarah Schira Saturday November 21, 3:00pm CST

By Yarnorama

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You may know Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes for #NeverNotGnoming! You might not know Sarah is also passionate about helping you create projects that are fun to knit and make you happy when you are finished! She wants you to find pleasure and satisfaction in the making of her patterns. Sarah loves to design accessories that look more difficult than they are, and that flatter you while you live your everyday adventures.

Join us at Fiberside Chats as Sarah demonstrates tips for finishing stuffed toys with finesse! Then she’ll lead us in exploring the emotions of colour - not just whether something has enough contrast or not, but helping you diagnose your own emotional reactions and style preferences to colours. You don’t want to miss this Chat – beginning with some finishing and ending with a new perspective on colours!

About Sarah:
Sarah and her husband live in Manitoba, Canada, where they’ve raised their two kids to adulthood. Homeschooling both kids, coaching, and doing a lot of volunteer work with adult learners has fired Sarah’s passion for anticipating problems before they happen and teaching so that people feel supercharged to be adventurous in their knitting.

“We travel to Germany to visit Rainer’s family and when I’m abroad, I miss the big skies; when I’m here, I miss the cobblestones and shops. It’s my passion for travel that inspires Imagined Landscapes designs.” ImaginedLandscapes.com

 This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Sunday, November 21st at 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central, 2:00pm Mountain, 1:00pm Pacific.

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