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Exploring Woven Fabrics

Exploring Woven Fabrics by Janet Phillips is for beginner and intermediate weavers. It teaches how to construct and weave multiple-sectioned sample blankets exploring Color and Weave Techniques on four and eight shafts, as well as combining weaves together into Block Weaves. There are seven multiple-sectioned sample blankets to weave:

  • Four-shaft Color and Weave Effect
  • Four-shaft Log Cabin  Four-shaft Shadow Weave and Repp
  • Block Weaves including Double Cloth and Summer and Winter 
  • Eight-shaft Stitched Double Cloth
  • Eight-shaft Bold Color and Weave/Deflected Double Cloth
  • Eight-shaft Shadow Weave and Repp   

Included are detailed design decisions and principles for weaving 40 original fabrics created from exploring these seven sample blankets further. There are 12 four-shaft designs and 28 eight-shaft designs.

Exploring Woven Fabrics is a sequel to Janet’s other book Designing Woven Fabrics.

Hardback; 224 pages; 2020

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