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Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps

By Yarnorama

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Weave fancy supplemental warp fabrics on any floor loom. In this 106-page book, you'll learn Deb Essen's easy warping method, how to turn drafts for 1-shuttle weaving, plus eight beautiful projects to make and enjoy.

Imagine being able to weave overshot along the length of your cloth with just one shuttle, or being able to weave terry cloth towels for your bath. All this and more is possible by using a supplementary warp.

Many of the designer fabrics found in stores are woven with supplemental warps, which many weavers believe they can't weave at home - until now! It used to be thought that you needed a supplementary warp beam to get all this new design potential, but with Deb Essen's technique you can weave with a supplementary warp right at home without having to buy a new loom!

In this 110-page eBook, Deb walks you through warping the loom with a supplementary warp with clear instructions and full-color photographs of each step. You'll also learn how to turn a 2-shuttle draft to make it a 1-shuttle supplementary warp draft as well as her tips and techniques for warping a supplementary draft successfully. Once you've got the warping down, weave one of eight projects included in the eBook. Each project explores a different supplemental warp structure from turned overshot and monk's belt to Bedford cord and even velvet.

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