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Dirty Rotten Bastard - Unscented

By Namaste Farms

$ 16.50
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Carrying on the legacy of Jheri Redding (Nexxus, Jhirmack, Redken) comes the Namaste Farms Wool Products second product in their shampoo line, “Dirty Rotten Bastard” clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are for deep cleansing of fleeces/fibers and made to be used before their signature shampoo, “Wash and Dye Bastard.” As with all their shampoos, Dirty Rotten Bastard is cosmetic grade, made in small batches and is suitable for use on your own hair. This clarifying shampoo will not leave a film on your fiber and is a great alternative to “Wash and  Dye” if you don’t wish to dye your fibers or simply want a stronger shampoo for more challenging fleeces.


Made in USA.

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