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Clemes & Clemes - 8” Elite Convertible Drum Carder

Note: These are made to order and can be drop shipped directly to you.

Their flagship model, the Elite Convertible is unmatched in its versatility, efficiency, and capacity by any other hand crank carder in the world. It is highly portable, weighing in at only 20 pounds, and converts from hand crank to Electric Dive in under two minutes when paired with the Electric Drive. Thanks to the Elite carding cloth, it has nearly twice the capacity as their Standard carder and the same capacity of the average double-wide drum carder.

The Elite Convertible is one of the most feature-laden drum carders in the world – matched only by the Elite Crankless.

Featuring their proprietary 72 teeth per inch mill style carding cloth, the Convertible produces 3-4 ounce batts with ease with most fibers without creating neps or noils. Fiber deflectors keep errant fibers from getting wrapped around the shafts or pulled into the bearings. The delrin bearings never need to be oiled and are easily adjusted to change the spacing between the drums, if desired. The drum spacing set in our shop will work for most fibers, but can be narrowed for short fibers or widened for less carding action or an art batt. The carding cloth on the lickerin is spiral wrapped – meaning there is no gap like the doffing strip on the swift. This is especially important when carding short fibers, as the fiber has no chance to transfer from the lickerin to the swift without being carded. The doffing area on the swift is covered with a stainless steel strip to protect the carding cloth even after many years of heavy use.

Four holes in the frame make it easy to clamp the carder to a table using the included custom clamps, or to attach the Convertible to the Electric Drive. Once attached to Electric Drive, conversion takes less than two minutes and is accomplished by removing the hand crank and installing a pulley, nut, and drive belt. Reverting to hand crank is accomplished just as quickly and easily. Each Elite is made of select Oak hardwood and protected with a durable lacquer finish.

Additional Information

Carding Cloth 72 TPI Mill Style Sharpened Elite Cloth
Drum Size – Swift 8” wide x 8.25” diameter
Approximate Batt Size 8” x 27”
Approximate Maximum Batt Weight 4.5 oz.
Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 22x16x15 inches