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A Baby Blanket to Love - Digital Download

Every baby deserves a pretty blanket that he or she can love on and cuddle long after they have learned to walk and talk!

This blanket was inspired by the interesting and always appealing colors of Koigu KPPPM and its squishy hand. It has a fair amount of nice stretch, is easy care and maintains its shape even with lots of abuse. Easy enough for a beginner, it looks like a million bucks.

Level of Difficulty - Intermediate Beginner
Structure - Plain Weave

What’s Needed?
• 4-Shaft loom or Rigid Heddle Loom with a 35”+ weaving width.
• 10-dent reed
• 1 shuttle

Finished Size - 28” x 47”, including hems.

Warp and Weft - Koigu KPPPM , approximately 175 yards/50 gram skein (available at Yarnorama ), 8 skeins, total of approximately 1400 yards. We used 1 skein each of: Summer Love, Rainbow Mountain, Gulf Coast, Utopia, Ballet, Fantasie, Lemon Orchard and Refudge.

Also Weft - M. Brassard 8/4 Unmercerized Cotton for hems (available at Yarnorama), approximately 70 yards. We used color Cinnamon.