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Activities and Events

Special Event!!

Franklin Habit and John Mullarkey will be in the house July 14-16!! Check out all the class offerings here (and the box lunch offering, if you'd like that option, too.) This is a rare opportunity to take expand your skills from teachers who know their stuff inside and out! And they are 2 of the nicest people with whom you could ever have the pleasure of spending time.


1st Saturday Spin-in: anytime, 10am-closing

Bring your wheel or drop spindle and/or desire to learn. You can spend and hour or two or the whole the day watching and learning or spinning your own. Discussion topics vary, but you will always learn something new and have fun with friends or making new ones. 

1st Thursday 4-Footed Fiber Friends Meet-Up: 1pm-ish to 4pm-ish

Members of this group of spinners/weavers/felters/ knitters meet here once a month to socialize and work on whatever fiber craft they are enjoying at the moment. Join in the fun! New members are always welcome. And to get the latest scoop on the meetups, join their yahoo group, 4footedfiberfriends..

3rd Saturday Weave-In and Learn! 10am-closing

Bring your small, portable loom and come play with us. We'll weave away, get/give tips and tricks and even plan fun projects to do on these ideal take-along looms. If you are stuck with something, we'll help you get unstuck. We Love our small looms, and we want you to, also!

4th Sunday Weavers' Study Group: 10am-noon

Join us as we explore all things weaving. The focus is on looms with 4 or more shafts and is open to all who have woven at project or two and want to take their skills to the next level. Looms are not used for the study group sessions, but be prepared to work on and share various projects that will further your learning with the group. We may have a project swap from time to time, too.

Sunday Group Get-Together, aka Paige Purls: 1pm-ish until closing

Bring your knitting, crochet or weaving and hang out with friends or make new ones! This is informal and there are always more experienced people willing to help with a question or two. Lots of show and tell happens, so bring your work and show it off or get constructive feedback, if that's what you would like. Lots of inspiring projects come out of this group. As always, this is a very welcoming group!


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