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Spin Off Winter 2020

Pull on your socks and lace up your boots then step “Into the Wild” with the Winter 2020 issue of Spin Off. Our annual natural fiber issue sets off on a handspinning adventure. Explore spinning camel down on the Mongolian Steppe. Blend exotic silks beyond the typical bombyx. Collect and spin milkweed floss, Florida native cotton, and invasive bast fibers, right from your own backyard. Features include:

  • Spin a filthy unwanted fleece into a soft, lofty yarn.
  • Repair a damaged gossamer-lace shawl with Galina Khmeleva.
  • Give core spinning a whirl.
  • Learn about wild luxury fibers from bison to paco-vicuñas.

Plus, three projects to spin, knit, and weave: handwoven boot laces, a pair of socks, and an Orenburg-style warm shawl.

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