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Overshot - The Basics and Beyond Feb 19th and 20th

By Yarnorama

$ 120.00
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Spend two intensive days learning about Overshot, a weaving structure that has deep roots in North American history.

Students will learn about the rules that make overshot what it is, will learn how to weave it in a traditional manner, get an understanding of rose-fashion, star-fashion and more, and then learn how to break the rules with wonderful results. 

Once enrolled, students will receive instructions for winding their warp, threading their loom and all that is needed to come prepared to weave.

You will need a 4-harness loom that can be transported to class, already warped. (if you do not have a portable loom, please contact us about renting one of ours and scheduling time to set up the loom in advance.)

Each student will leave with a number of samples that can be used as reference for further projects and study.

Teacher: Susan Fricks

Cost:  $120
Skill Level:  Advanced beginner and beyond
Looms Used:  4- or 8-Harness Portable Looms
Schedule:  9am - 5pm each day. 
What to Bring:  Students will receive a full list of instructions for pre-warping and standard tools required.
Please note that this is not a rigid heddle class


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