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Tip of the Day - What Colors are In Fashion?

Posted on September 02, 2015 by FiberObsessions | 0 comments

I know, this is not your most burning question today, but sometimes don't you just wonder how colors in fashion are decided? Why is it that one year, everywhere you look you find your favorite blue... in shirts, sweaters, pants, even kitchenware. Then, a couple years later, you want to buy something to match or coordinate with your favorite blue pants and absolutely nothing works. 

This is where Pantone comes in! Their coloristas comb the world seeking trends, testing the economic climates, the collective moods of us all and decide upon color palettes that reflect what they believe they see, hear and feel. By the time the color palette for a season is announced and then gets published everywhere, the wheels are already in motion for a season or two of new colors in fashion. 

This is the one for Fall 2015. Earthy and muted. So if you are looking for the bold jewel tones, this is probably not your season. Pantone 2015 fashion forecast

Of course, when if comes to hand-dyed yarns and fibers, we have the luxury of doing any colors we want, 'in fashion' or not!

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