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Tip of the Day - Taming Unraveled Yarn

We've all been there... knit a hat, scarf, sweater and realize when we get it done, or nearly so, that we hate it. And I don't just mean hate it, I mean that there is no possible way we can live with ourselves knowing this item is still in existence in the universe!

So, we unravel it, wind into balls as we go, or sometimes even let it pool into it's little wavy strands on the floor while we contemplate what to do next. Do we just use it as it is? how do we get it back into it's original lovely state without making it look like a rag the dog tossed around?

So, I have the answer, yes I do!

First, put it into a skein. If you don't have a skeinwinder or niddy noddy to get it into a skein, just use your hand and elbow to wrap it. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just make sure you secure it with ties in 3 or 4 places before you go to the next step.

Next, put water into a kettle and let it start boiling. Carefully hold the two ends of the skein so it is right over the steam. You want to hold the skein maybe 5 or 6 inches above the steam, being careful not to let the steam touch you as it will burn. Do one section at a time. Magic will happen... the kinks and waves will wiggle away, leaving you with perfectly straight yarn again. And this is super gentle on the yarn. If you have one of those nifty clothes steamers, that works even faster.

Once you try this method, you will never want to do it any other way!

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Patricia Piepet

Patricia Piepet

August 28, 2015

Have done this so many times. I will have to remember this tip. Love this!!

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