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and so Braidsmaid continues...

Well, I thought I would have this beautiful scarf done by now, but I have come up against one of my personal oddities. I was nearly done with Pattern II a few days ago when I decided to carefully scrutinize a few stitches wayyyyy back that had been bothering me. It was just a minor blip that I thought was maybe a loose stitch, which I could just tighten up later. I fussed with it, turned up the lighting to check it out more and saw what it was... two purl stitches in a sea of knit. I couldn't believe it! I mean, I REALLY could not Believe it!! And, as my luck would have it, it wasn't near the beginning of a row, it was deep in the middle, near the cable where there was no way to just let those two stitches run down and then fix them. I had only two choices - live with the mistake or rip it way back down. And so ripped it was.

Now, for those who have known me and my knitting tales for awhile, you have heard me talk about this. Strange as it seems, my default 'knitting' is purling. So, when I'm tired, get busy talking, am otherwise distracted, no matter what the pattern I'm supposed to be knitting, I often just begin purling. Crazy, I know... You would think by now I would check more often when I'm knitting in those situations because I know that about myself, huh? Obviously, not.

So here is my scarf, ripped way back and started again... Maybe I'll get it done this next week, barring any further purling! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Anyone else have any default knitting that messes with your projects?

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