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Lookie, lookie!

Posted on May 25, 2015 by FiberObsessions | 0 comments

Nearly every day in the shop is a day with new stuff coming in. Sometimes, it is super fun and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Fun, because what's come in feels like we've got a new shiny penny. You know what I'm talking about, no? It's that yarn or tool or fiber that makes you just want to stop time and begin playing with it at the expense of every other project in progress, tool already in use, fiber being spun. Overwhelming, because it can become like Lucy and the Chocolate Factory pretty darn fast if we don't keep up with all the receiving, tagging, shelving. It's an interesting balance.

This week, we got in a big replenishment of cones of cottons, tencel and silk noil. Bags and bags and bags of the stuff, and we're still working on getting it all put up. So far, here's the 8/4 cotton rug warp. We use so much of this stuff for weaving. It's perfect as a sturdy warp for rag rugs, placemants, rag runners, even super absorbant, somewhat rustic towels. Seeing it up on the wall definitely makes us smile. We're also excited to now have this available in the webstore.

As for the shiny new penny, we couldn't resist ordering some of the brand spanking new Noro 70% wool/30% merino pencil roving. Yes, pencil roving! You can spin it the way you want or you can knit/crochet with it just as it is. Yummy! And to calm my palpitating heart while we await delivery, our rep gave me one of the packages to sample. It is unmistakably Noro, all the colors and long repeats that we all love. I looked at it and touched it for a few days, and then just had to spin it up. Here's the finished skein, plied with MadTosh Prairie, a beautiful merino lace-weight single. I ended up with 790 yards of light DK weight yarn and am even more excited to get this stuff in. I hope you will find it just as irresistible! We'll let you know just as soon as it comes in :).

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